Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mood Fabric Mecca

And a hunting we will go!

I made a trip to the infamous Mood Fabrics store featured on Project Runway!
The store is located on the 3rd floor, although it takes up multiple levels, and is reached by elevator run by a real elevator operator!

They had TONS of ribbons and buttons and trimmings! (Although M&J Trimming is really the true mecca of froufrou, but that will be for another post.)

You may be wondering why I would be here for supplies and not a bead store, but my jewelry and accessories are multi-media based and since my design history is in fashion, I plan to incorporate a lot of fabric into my jewelry.

And I happen to be shopping for the perfect, cozy, Wintry fabric to use for my free hand-warmers! I'm giving away a free set of rice, hand-warmers with every purchase made during the month of December! For those of you who don't know what rice hand-warmers are, they are little fabric pillows filled with rice (or any dry grain) that you can heat in your microwave for a few minutes to enjoy a good 30 minutes of warmth & yummy heat. You can slip them into your pockets, gloves, your boots or even under your blankets to get your bed warm before you settle in for the night! A little way to commemorate my Grand Opening and a nice, little gift from me to you for the holidays! I hope you like them!

For this project I chose a soft navy & grey plaid, wool fabric with a slight menswear vibe to it that I'll embroider with my signature burnt orange thread for a nice pop of color! Perfect for that cold Winter dash to the subway!

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