Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Expect The Unexpected...

That's pretty much my thought process for the last 3 weeks.
So much is happening I barely have time to think! I've got so much going on in my head, I have to double check that my shoes match!

I gave myself a week and a half to buy my supplies, make my jewelry, photograph it and get everything online by the beginning of December. Yep- definitely ambitious. It's taken me twice as long to do everything as I'd originally planned! On top of that, I've had to reassess my resources (ahem! moneysituation). I had ordered some supplies from an online vendor only to find that some of the pieces were not what I was expecting. So I returned the goods, but I've been unable to find replacements locally, so I've temporarily put that collection on hold. Turns out it was for the best since everything has cost about twice as much as I had originally planned anyways! It took me two days of slogging around the same 3 NYC block radius in the rain to find all my materials, but so help me I did it! Following that, I was holed up in my apt for about 4 days trying to make my doodles and sketches into a full-fledged reality! Not just a reality, but a quality product that people would admire and be proud to wear. It has been a scary ride that's re-defined my standard of 'heart-racing'. Nothing says fear like jumping out of that nest and trying to fly! But if there's one thing I've learned this year it's not how many times you fall down that matters, but how you pick yourself up and keep going. So, after every pitfall, mistake, and disappointment, I dust myself off and go forward, onward, and up! Below are some of my rough drafts, trials, and errors...

I was experimenting with wire wrapping for the Anomaly Collection. Don't these stones remind you of the Milky Way?! My inspiration for this collection was science, math and the constellations of the night sky. It satisfies my inner nerd! haha!

Draft 1- A set  of earrings for the Anomaly Collection. I didn't want to use the stones above in every piece , especially since they would be pretty heavy as earrings, so I tried to mimic the shape of the stones in the shape of the earrings and the color by using an ombre thread. However, the thread color didn't quite match up to the color of the fabric in the bracelet and this just ended up looking way too chunky anyways.

Draft 2- I decided to use this solid thread instead because it matches the bracelet better, but I wish I could figure out a way to make the thread stay in that shape! Maybe some spray starch or something? I love how simple and organic the thread looks! And those tiny loops going all around the edge of the earring are crocheted wire I did myself! Took forever!
Draft 3- Still trying to make this thread work, I like this pattern best for the weaving of the thread... and a sneak-peak of the bracelet in the upper right corner!
Silk Georgette through Brass tube. Love these colors!
1st Draft- Machinist Collection. My inspiration for this collections was, well... Machines! And all their intricate little moving parts!
I was playing with the shape of this necklace for my Mechanist Collection and ended up liking this the best! I think it has really interesting depth and movement going on. The center pieces are held in place by tension and gravity. I'm using a mixture of Copper, Brass, and Raw metal strung together with a beautiful Moss Green Silk Georgette and a wire wrapped Pink & Black dyed Agate stone for weight. I also added a pearl & seed bead woven charm to the front of the center stone. A few people have commented that I'm crazy for leaving my fabric edges raw on this piece, but I love how it contrasts with the clean lines of the tubes and I think it adds an old-world feel to it. As if it were an antique from generations long past.... (sigh- that's the romantic in me coming out- haha) But what do YOU think?
My workstation at the beginning of the week. 
My work station at the end of the week!

This is a project I have put on hold for the moment until I can find some stronger wire, but I ended up  making about 5 of these arm-band frames and even drafted up a pattern to try to solve the construction issues! It took me a whole day! I want this piece to have a very simple and clean shape and it's very important to me to make the wire structure look perfect! Unfortunately, I think I have the wrong materials for this right now. Must figure this out!!

How did I end up with this much embroidery thread?!
All in all, very little has gone how I expected. But they say that's pretty normal when you're starting a new business! You have to expect the unexpected! (NOT my forte) And I have to say, I've had quite a few 'happy accidents' along the way! Sometimes the solution to a problem has turned out even better than my original plan!

Stay tuned for the finished pieces and some pics from my live model shoot in Central Park!

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